Hi and welcome to Exhumed, we are a World of Warcraft guild on the Alliance side of the Shadowsong/Aszune EU connected realm. We are an active, friendly & sociable raiding and PvP guild. Our aims are to achieve the perfect balance between defeating end-game raid content and dominating PvP whilst still making room for real life.


If you have a bit of initiative, desire to learn the game properly and be an active and positive member of our guild then you’re very welcome here.


Thank you,

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    • RECRUITMENT: Tank required

      RECRUITMENT: Tank required

      We are looking for a tank to join our heroic raid team. This is a main tank role not an off-spec backup role. Our expectation is that you are raid ready and have experience of main tanking in heroic raids and can attend both raids at least 2 out of every 3 weeks.   Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 2100 to midnight CET/Server Time (2000-2300 GMT)   As...Read More »
    • All Heroic Content Down

      All Heroic Content Down

      After the success of last week’s four boss haul we came into Emerald Nightmare this week with high hopes of finishing the job. With Fun away on personal business and our backup tank, Regaal, having a PC crisis we were down to a single tank and therefore Theogwain had to step up from the DPS ranks to keep Artherion company as our 2nd tank. We started well but soon hit...Read More »
    • Exhumed Living the Dream in the Nightmare

      Exhumed Living the Dream in the Nightmare

      Been lots slack this past week as havent announced our Nightmare kills, however we have been doing pretty good. We cleared normal on the first week and had solid progress last week with 2 heroic bosses, Nythendra and Elerethe Renferal, falling to the Exhumed task force last week (28th September) before we hit a cock block in Il’gynoth. This week we were able to quickly repeat our 2 kills with...Read More »
    • Temporary Easing of Raid Rules

      Temporary Easing of Raid Rules

      This first week of raiding has been very mixed. We had great success in normal mode on Wednesday and Thursday but had to cancel the extra raid on Sunday where we hoped for heroic progression because we had only 1 tank. This early in the expansion that is a massive failing, especially when it was caused by one of our raid rules and for a guild that has always taken...Read More »
    • Raid Ready?

      Raid Ready?

        What we mean by raid ready for Legion is: Your toon: 840+ ilevel; Legion enchants on your neck, rings and cloak (lesser enchants for the first few weeks is fine as mats are hard to get); Flasks for 3 hours; Potions (I recommend at least 40 per night); 300 food (rising to 375 soon™) for many wipes (I recommend at least 20 per night); Gold for repairs (prepare for...Read More »