Exhumed has a long & successful raiding history & we expect to continue being successful in the future.

Our kill of mythic 10 man Deathwing hours before Pandaria launch.

Mogu\\\\\\\'shan Vaults cleared with Will of the Emperor killed.

Heart of Fear cleared with Empress Shek\\\\\\\'zeer killed.

Terrace of the Endless Spring & Mists 1st raid tier cleared with our Sha of Fear kill.

Lei Shen death ended our progression in Throne of Thunder.

Siege of Orgrimmar normal cleared and our wolves earned with a Garrosh Hellscream kill.

51 weeks after our normal/heroic kill we cleared mythic Siege of Orgrimmar.

Imperator Margok death ended our Highmaul progression.

Blackrock Foundry cleared with the death of yet another warlord, Blackhand.

Hellfire Citadel ended when we killed Archimonde only 11 months to go before Legion too.

A kill on Xavius ended our progression in the Emerald Nightmare.

2017 starts fantastically well with a new boss kill and Trial of Valor cleared on Heroic difficulty, we\\\'re officially ready for Nighthold now. Blizzard bring it on!

Progression in Nighthold ended with our kill on Gul\'dan. We\'re still months away from the next raid. Please Blizz make mythic flex raid size.


Tomb Of Sargeras Incoming

The Tomb of Sargeras raid is finally here. Read our raid guide on the forum @ http://forum.exhumed.eu/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6487&p=6669


A very late post here as this dates back to April 2nd and that meant we’d cleared heroic content more than 2 months before Tomb of Sargeras is released, please Blizzard give us mythic content with flexible raid sizes.

After 3 weeks of working on Gul’dan we decided, following on from a super fast normal clear, to have an unscheduled extra raid for learning purposes. What followed was a single pull kill. Looking back I regret doing this as a few of our core raiders were missing and this robbed them of that first kill feeling despite putting in all the effort. It won’t happen again.


Time Ran Out For The Grand Magistrix

Once again the hard work put in on normals and on a wipefest the previous week paid dividends as Exhumed took great joy in this victory because it was so very inevitable despite her claims to the contrary. Next up is Guldan and he is another step up in difficulty as we discovered after this kill. With the release date of 7.2 still unannounced, we could be ahead of the game once more.


Tel’arn’s Corpse Will Make Fine Compost

After beating this tree hugging boss we promised to water his plants, but only after using his corpse as the finest compost Suramar’s gardens has ever seen.

Exhumed Judged Etraeus and Found HIM Wanting.

Star Augur Etraeus gave us massive problems on normal and a tough fight was expected on heroic, however the work we put in on normal paid off as we defeated him in only a few pulls.

Tichondrius Thwarted

Tichondrius gave us a few problems and slowed us down for a week but once we mastered handling the Brand of Argus and absorbing the Essence of the Night from the bats in phase 2 Tichondrius went down with ease.