Exhumed has a long & successful raiding history & we expect to continue being successful in the future.

Our kill of mythic 10 man Deathwing hours before Pandaria launch.

Mogu\\\'shan Vaults cleared with Will of the Emperor killed.

Heart of Fear cleared with Empress Shek\\\'zeer killed.

Terrace of the Endless Spring & Mists 1st raid tier cleared with our Sha of Fear kill.

Lei Shen death ended our progression in Throne of Thunder.

Siege of Orgrimmar normal cleared and our wolves earned with a Garrosh Hellscream kill.

51 weeks after our normal/heroic kill we cleared mythic Siege of Orgrimmar.

Imperator Margok death ended our Highmaul progression.

Blackrock Foundry cleared with the death of yet another warlord, Blackhand.

Hellfire Citadel ended when we killed Archimonde only 11 months to go before Legion too.

A kill on Xavius ended our progression in the Emerald Nightmare.

2017 starts fantastically well with a new boss kill and Trial of Valor cleared on Heroic difficulty, we\'re officially ready for Nighthold now. Blizzard bring it on!


Piece of caek

With Artherion back with a shiny new PC we had to help christen it with a new boss kill and what better way than to have a boss help us celebrate by giving us caek! Trilliax went down reasonably easy so now we’re 3 bosses down and next week we should be good for 2 nights of raiding heroic style. How many bosses should we aim for next week? 2 more? maybe 3? would 4 be over optimistic?

No so fast…

After killing Skorpyron we made a quick dash to the Chromatic Anomaly and while we were slowed by trash me made quick work of the fight despite the annoying mechanics of warping time deployed by the boss. Grats to all involved on making our first visit into heroics a double success.

Stawp Skorpyron, stawp eet

The big bug at the back door of the Nighthold proved to be no match for the boys and girls of Exhumed, even without our usual tanking team. Thanks to Dyloxe for stepping up and putting his big bear ass next to Merkwin’s, maybe they sat on Skorpyron…                                                                              

Helll Yeah, Helya!

A new year brought us a new boss kill, sadly it didn’t bring me a memory and therefore this killshot is almost a month late /blush….                                                                                 

Mounts n Mogs

We are resurrecting our Saturday afternoon achievement runs that were popular back when we couldnt blow up all old raid content. The emphasis is on getting achievements for folks that didnt run the raids at level, filling our transmog wardrobes as well as the hope that we can add a mount or two to peope’s stables. Nothing is reserved and no priority given to anyone.

The first event os planned for Saturday January 7th and we’ll be heading off to Siege of Orgrimmar and other MoP raids. Start time will be 1400 (server). Signup on the guild calendar and if you have friends that would like to join, let me know their toon name and server and I’ll add them to the invite list.

Guarm, the Lap Dog

After being approved by Odyn, our next task was to remove Guarm from Helheim. With very little change to the fight from normal, we soon got the healer/DPS ratio correct and left Guarm flat on the floor making puppy eyes to Helya.