Challenge Modes in Legion

Preview of Mythic + (the dungeons formerly known as Challenge Mode) in Legion, looks like we could be in for some fun and games MMO-Champion says: “In Legion Mythic dungeons will scale in difficulty and rewards, making them relevant throughout the expansion. Most of what we know has been covered in blue posts, but to recap:

  • Each level of difficulty increases the health and damage done by enemies in the dungeon by a percentage.
    • Level 1 (8%) and Level 2 (17%) Mythic Dungeons have no affixes.
    • Level 3 (26%) to Level 5 Mythic Dungeons have one affix, selected from Tyrannical, Bolstering, Raging, and Teeming.
    • Level 6 (59%), Level 7 (71%), Level 8 (85%) and higher have two affixes, selecting from the previous four and adding Necrotic, Volcanic, Skittish, and Decay
      • Decay – All players lose 1% of their max health every 2 sec while the challenge is active.
      • Skittish – Enemies pay far less attention to threat generated by tanks.
      • Volcanic – While in combat, enemies periodically cause gouts of flame to erupt beneath the feet of distant players.
      • Necrotic – All enemies’ melee attacks apply a stacking blight that inflicts damage over time and reduces healing received.
      • Teeming – Additional non-boss enemies are present throughout the dungeon.
      • Raging – Non-boss enemies enrage at 30% health remaining, dealing 100% increased damage until defeated.
      • Bolstering – When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, increasing their maximum health and damage by 20%.
      • Tyrannical – Boss enemies have 50% more health and inflict up to 30% increased damage.
  • There is a 45 minute timer that you must beat to advance to a higher level, but not to get loot.
  • When keystones upgrade, a new dungeon is selected at random.
  • The Mythic+ dungeons are only limited by keystone availability, not a weekly loot lockout.”

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