No More Mythics

We have decided that we will no longer be a guild that chases mythic raiding. The decision is one that hasn’t been easy as raiding at the highest level has been a personal goal of all of the raid officers, but sadly the style of guild we are and mythic raiding don’t mix and we’ve fought against that all through Warlords and finally we’ve admitted defeat. Why? Being focused on mythics made us too focused on progression and numbers rather than having fun and that promoted a lot of negative behaviour and cost us some good players along the way. Also none of the raid leadership really like the extra management that running a large raid team forces upon the leadership and that drained the fun from the game for us. The turning point was after we cleared Blackrock Foundry when we started having attendance issues meaning we needed t recruit more to ensure we had a 20 man team each week and quite frankly that has showed and had a bad effect on the guild atmosphere. So what does this mean for Exhumed? For the rest of Warlords we will be focusing on running heroic raids on Wednesday and Thursday nights to players that are capabale of raiding at that level on toons with the right gear. The plans for Legion are that we will aim to be the very best heroic team with a squad of 15 players, clear the content quickly and sit back and wait for the new content while we go off and have fun in the new Challenge Mode dungeons which is where we will get our ‘mythic’ challenge from.

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