Guild Rank Reset

Now that the Mists of Pandaria is drawing to a close it is once again time to reset the guild ranks so that all members are returned to standard members.


The vast majority of people will be unaffected as their rank will remain as Zombie.


For those members of our raid team (Tomb Raiders) and RBG team (Corpse Campers) it will mean that they are returned to Zombie rank. This will have a small impact:

  • Tomb Raiders will therefore lose their priority on raid spot, loot and access to the raider tab of the guild bank;
  • Corpse Campers will therefore lose their priority on RBG spot and access to the PVP tab of the guild bank;


Regarding the guild bank tabs, as the expansion is drawing to an end and the mats in the guild bank are soon to become worth a lot less many of the items will be moved into the public area and anyone is free to take what the need to use. However, when taking items, please don’t be an ass, only take what you need to use on that day as they are for the benefit of the guild not just you. I will be monitoring who is taking what on a daily basis and cross referencing this with AH sales anyone dumb enough to take the chance on selling the goods will be dealt with swiftly and your new GM will also be made aware of why you needed a new guild.


Once the Warlords of Draenor is with us, we shall be rebuilding the RBG and raid teams and people promoted to the ranks of Tomb Raiders and Corpse Campers once more.

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