Guild Rank Reset II

With the current status of the guild regarding raiding and PvP I have decided that we should reset the guild ranks so that all members are returned to standard members. The vast majority of people will be unaffected as their rank will remain as Member. For those members of our raid team (Tomb Raiders) and RBG team (Corpse Campers) it will mean that they are returned to the Member rank and will have a small impact:

  • Tomb Raiders will therefore lose their priority on raid spot, loot and access to the raider tab of the guild bank;
  • Corpse Campers will therefore lose their priority on RBG spot and access to the PVP tab of the guild bank;

Once Legion is with us, we shall be rebuilding the RBG and raid teams and people promoted to the ranks of Tomb Raiders and Corpse Campers once more.

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