Clearly the Right Choice


With the move from 10 man raiding thrust upon us, it was always known that we would need to change the way we run raids. during the first few weeks it has been tough especially running massive raid sizes like 30 and 40. Therefore the officers have been looking for suitable candidates to fill a few raid assistant roles.

The roles we need immediately are role leads, who will be responsible for role specific duties such as interrupt orders, CC assignments and healing assignments. In a 10 man group this was done by myself and Artherion/Funjitsu but now this is too much work for us to do while we’re trying to do our own tasks as well as try and perform in the raid.

I’m pleased to announce that the first of these roles has been filled, so I’d like to formally announce that Clearly is our new healing lead and will hopefully soon be joined by a DPS lead.


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