Raid Ready?


What we mean by raid ready for Legion is:

Your toon:
  • 840+ ilevel;
  • Legion enchants on your neck, rings and cloak (lesser enchants for the first few weeks is fine as mats are hard to get);
  • Flasks for 3 hours;
  • Potions (I recommend at least 40 per night);
  • 300 food (rising to 375 soon™) for many wipes (I recommend at least 20 per night);
  • Gold for repairs (prepare for 1500 to 2000 gold per night);
  • Read and watched strats (see here);
  • Logged onto TS (download/access info);
  • Distraction free environment;
  • Follow instructions of raid officers;

Anyone not meeting these standards will be asked to sit out on our raids.


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