Exhumed Living the Dream in the Nightmare

Been lots of slack on my part this past week as I haven’t announced our Emerald Nightmare kills, however we have been doing pretty well, some may say even very good. We cleared normal on the first week and had solid progress last week with 2 heroic bosses, Nythendra and Elerethe Renferal, falling to the Exhumed task force last week (28th September) before we hit a cock block in Il’gynoth.

2016-09-28_01_nythendra 2016-09-28_02_elerethe_renferalThis week we were able to quickly repeat our 2 kills with Nythendra and Elerethe defeated quickly before we went off to Grizzly Hills and bashed heads with Ursoc, his big beary ass was slapped hard and we completed our hatrick of kills for the week.


But the girls and boys of Exhumed were’t ready to call it quits there as we headed down to Un’goro for a return match with last week’s nemesis, Il’gynoth. The crowd and tree were expecting a repeat performance by Exhumed’s brave heroes and heroines, but that didn’t happen as those brave soldiers put their all into the fight and chopped the tree down into kindling as they stabbed their weapons of destruction right into beatng heart of the corrupted tree.


Now it was time for the Dragons of Nightmare, Ysondre, Taerar and Emeriss were the 3 we faced. The draconic trio proved no match for the team though as we quickly slapped the dragons down and ended our first raid night of the week early and sitting pretty with heroic progress of 5 of 7 on only the 15th day of raiding in Legion.


Day 16 of Legion raiding started and we headed off to see old Cenarius and Malfurion. Thankfully Malfurion was on our team and after some disappointing warm up tries on Cenarius things started to fall into place and halfway through the night everything clicked and we got a well earned kill on Cenarius and hit 6 of 7. We pressed on but alas Xavius proved too much for us in the remaining half a raid night but valuable lessons were learned but next time his ass is ours.


Screenshots will be coming soon™

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