All Heroic Content Down

After the success of last week’s four boss haul we came into Emerald Nightmare this week with high hopes of finishing the job. With Fun away on personal business and our backup tank, Regaal, having a PC crisis we were down to a single tank and therefore Theogwain had to step up from the DPS ranks to keep Artherion company as our 2nd tank.

We started well but soon hit a wall as we couldn’t kill Il’gynoth however with a cheesy strat from Clearly we managed to kill Il’gynoth in a single phase and then went on to rekill all previous bosses and half way through our second night we were stood in front of Xavius. A few ‘practice’ pulls and the slayer of Ysera was laid to rest.

With the announcement, yesterday that 7.1 would be out on October 25th with the Trial of Valor opening on November 8th means that we’re well placed to get a few more clears of gear before we head into the new content post BlizzCon and can have some Karazhan fun without the pressure of worrying about clearing the Nightmare.

Grats to all who were there but especially to Theo for stepping into a tank role at short notice and doing a stonking job.

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