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Mounts n Mogs

We are resurrecting our Saturday afternoon achievement runs that were popular back when we couldnt blow up all old raid content. The emphasis is on getting achievements for folks that didnt run the raids at level, filling our transmog wardrobes as well as the hope that we can add a mount or two to peope’s stables. Nothing is reserved and no priority given to anyone.

The first event os planned for Saturday January 7th and we’ll be heading off to Siege of Orgrimmar and other MoP raids. Start time will be 1400 (server). Signup on the guild calendar and if you have friends that would like to join, let me know their toon name and server and I’ll add them to the invite list.

Saturday Fun: What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been

This Saturday we’re heading back to Draenor to complete the raid steps of ‘What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been’ so grab your Pepes and lets go kick some orcish butts! Signup on the guild calendar or if you’re not in the guild and want to be added to the invite list, if there are spaces, please add Evlyxx#2753 to your friends list.