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We’re Alive and Kicking Arse and Taking Names

Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated and despite our lack of killshots we’ve been kicking demon arse and taking names inside the Tomb of Sargeras since it launched and are now working on Kil’jaeden on heroic mode so we’ll be very much on track for the Argus raid that we expect to land between BlizzCon and Christmas!

As always we’re recruiting and are in need of a tank and some ranged DPS, especially mages and warlocks. A good rogue would complement our team too so if you’re interested in joining us please don’t be shy and visit http://www.exhumed.eu/recruitment or /w Evlyxx, Artherion, Dyloxe or Turlan ingame.

Tomb Of Sargeras Incoming

The Tomb of Sargeras raid is finally here. Read our raid guide on the forum @ http://forum.exhumed.eu/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6487&p=6669

RECRUITMENT: Tank required

We are looking for a tank to join our heroic raid team. This is a main tank role not an off-spec backup role. Our expectation is that you are raid ready and have experience of main tanking in heroic raids and can attend both raids at least 2 out of every 3 weeks. As a main tank you will need  to be confident and able to think on your feet when things go wrong. You will also be expected to be vocal on teamspeak.

Temporary Easing of Raid Rules

This first week of raiding has been very mixed. We had great success in normal mode on Wednesday and Thursday but had to cancel the extra raid on Sunday where we hoped for heroic progression because we had only 1 tank. This early in the expansion that is a massive failing, especially when it was caused by one of our raid rules and for a guild that has always taken pride in primary goal which is:

Our aims are to achieve the perfect balance between defeating end-game raid content and dominating PvP whilst still making room for real life.

This week our insistence on Legion enchants and consumables didn’t match that goal. 30,000 gold for a neck enchant, 1500 gold for EACH potion and flask really is too much to ask, especially for people that didn’t milk the garrisons for the last 12 months of Warlords. The new profession system also means that levelling a profession on an alt to assist is painful too.


Therefore, we have decided that for now we will ease those rules. Until AH prices settle down what we expect of all Core Raider and Raider Trial ranks is:

  • Legion enchants on rings and cloaks;
  • Legion gems;
  • Legion flasks;
  • Legion mana potions;
  • Legion Health potions;
  • Warlords enchants on necks;
  • Warlords DPS potions (pre-pull and in-combat);


We will review this weekly and once things are better, we will expect Legion enchants and consumables all round. If you wish to discuss this decision please visit: http://forum.exhumed.eu/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2703&p=2815#p2815

Raid Ready?


What we mean by raid ready for Legion is:

Your toon:
  • 840+ ilevel;
  • Legion enchants on your neck, rings and cloak (lesser enchants for the first few weeks is fine as mats are hard to get);
  • Flasks for 3 hours;
  • Potions (I recommend at least 40 per night);
  • 300 food (rising to 375 soon™) for many wipes (I recommend at least 20 per night);
  • Gold for repairs (prepare for 1500 to 2000 gold per night);
  • Read and watched strats (see here);
  • Logged onto TS (download/access info);
  • Distraction free environment;
  • Follow instructions of raid officers;

Anyone not meeting these standards will be asked to sit out on our raids.


Weekly Events


After reviewing the feedback, our Legion weekly schedule will remain unchanged. Therefore our raid and PvP nights will be:

  • Tuesday at 2100 to midnight (server time): Casual Rated Battle Grounds
  • Wednesday at 2100 to midnight (server time): Core Raid (Day 1)
  • Thursday at 2100 to midnight (server time): Core Raid (Day 2)
  • Friday at 2100 to 2300 (server time): Core Rated Battle Grounds
  • Saturday at 2100 to midnight (server time): Achievement Nights
  • Sunday at 2100 to midnight (server time): Casual Raid