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Saturday Fun: What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been

This Saturday we’re heading back to Draenor to complete the raid steps of ‘What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been’ so grab your Pepes and lets go kick some orcish butts! Signup on the guild calendar or if you’re not in the guild and want to be added to the invite list, if there are spaces, please add Evlyxx#2753 to your friends list.

RECRUITMENT: Tank required

We are looking for a tank to join our heroic raid team. This is a main tank role not an off-spec backup role. Our expectation is that you are raid ready and have experience of main tanking in heroic raids and can attend both raids at least 2 out of every 3 weeks. As a main tank you will need  to be confident and able to think on your feet when things go wrong. You will also be expected to be vocal on teamspeak.

Last Chance Moose Run.

There is one more day for people to earn a moose, aka the Grove Warden mount, and I thought it would be a fine idea if we could try and get some guildies theirs before it disappears. Therefore I have put up a Heroic Mannoroth/Archimonde raid for Monday August 29th at 2100.


For this to work we need as many people with experience of both fights as possible and for those people to come on a character that has the relevant gear level. This isn’t a gear run for your alts therefore bring your main (or equally well played/geared alt). Depending on numbers of raider types that we have and the number of people needing the mount we may need to do more than one run. If you’re interested in joining the fun please sign up on the in game calendar or online here.

Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to our new home! If you’ve arrived here from the old Enjin site, you’ll need to register here if you wish to post on the forums, when you register on the forums, please use your character name to help us easily identify who you are.



Guild Rank Reset II

With the current status of the guild regarding raiding and PvP I have decided that we should reset the guild ranks so that all members are returned to standard members. The vast majority of people will be unaffected as their rank will remain as Member. For those members of our raid team (Tomb Raiders) and RBG team (Corpse Campers) it will mean that they are returned to the Member rank and will have a small impact:

  • Tomb Raiders will therefore lose their priority on raid spot, loot and access to the raider tab of the guild bank;
  • Corpse Campers will therefore lose their priority on RBG spot and access to the PVP tab of the guild bank;

Once Legion is with us, we shall be rebuilding the RBG and raid teams and people promoted to the ranks of Tomb Raiders and Corpse Campers once more.

We Like to Achieve

Congratulations to us for finally breaking into the top 100 EU and the top 150 world for guild achievement points.


All we need now is for our raiders to get some more mythic kills and our pvpers to get some damned tough achievements and we’ll be able to break into the top 50 in both categories.

Keep up the great work folks.